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Send SMS from Excel Using Seven.IO

Send Bulk SMS from Excel Using Seven.iO SMS Blaster: An Excel template for sending bulk SMS using No coding is required. Easy setup. Simple to use.

Simple Pricing

One fixed and very affordable price, paid in a one-time payment. No subscription, no hidden costs, no surprises.

Risk-Free Trial

Enjoy a 14-day no questions asked refund policy and experience the template with peace of mind

Placeholder Support

Leverage dynamic placeholders to personalize your messages for each recipient automatically.

Made in Germany
No Hidden Fees
Easy to use
Made in Germany
Easy to use
No Hidden Fees


Excel as Your Messaging Tool

Enter numbers, draft messages, and click send—all from Excel. No extra software needed. It’s quick, direct, and efficient.


Automated Number Cleaning

Use the built-in number-cleaning tool to automatically convert and standardize your existing phone numbers. Turn formats like +1(555) 555 ext. 555 into +1555555555, ensuring messages reach the right recipients.



Easy Placeholder Setup

Personalize your SMS in a snap. Set placeholders, pair with your numbers, and incorporate them into your messages for tailored communication. Perfect for ensuring every message feels personal and precise.

Get the Details You Need

Ensure you meet the specifications below to use this Excel template. Straightforward details for a smooth setup. SMS Account

Requires a Standard SMS rates from apply.

Macro Settings

Ensure macros can be enabled in Excel.

System Requirements

Requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or later, including the Office 365 desktop version, and is only compatible with Windows.

Support And Future Updates

Your purchase includes one year of support and updates for the Excel template. After one year, you can still use the template, but it won’t receive new updates.

Pay once. Use forever? Absolutely!

Your purchase of the Excel template includes all current features and any future updates with just a one-time payment. No recurring costs, no surprises—and it’s risk-free with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Seven.IO SMS Blaster $29


✅ Send SMS from Excel
✅ Test Mode for previewing messages
✅ Placeholders for personalized messages
✅ Custom delay between messages
✅ Integrated number formatting tool
✅ One year of updates and support
Get this Excel Template 🚀

Want To See The Features In Action? Watch These Demos!

Learn how to send personalized messages at scale. See how placeholders make your messages unique, even when reaching out to hundreds.

See how the integrated number formatting tool cleans and standardizes messy phone numbers you have, ensuring your messages reach the right recipients.

Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

Dive into the FAQs for all the nifty details you’re curious about!

Have A Question? Ask Away!

If the FAQs missed a spot, I’m here to help. Ask away and get the answers you need, straight from the source!

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