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ARCHIVE: WhatsApp Bot

How To Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages From Excel Using VBA (Free & Easy) 📲

Revolutionize Your Communication with the Excel WhatsApp Blaster 🚀

🚫 Important Note: This guide is for educational purposes only. Bulk messaging may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service. Please refer to WhatsApp’s policy page for more information

Features Of The Excel WhatsApp Blaster Template

📝 Mass Messaging: Send text messages to multiple contacts in one go.

📂 Media and Document Sharing: Share media files, documents, and captions by specifying the file path in Excel.

✏️ Text Formatting: Customize your message with the following:

  • Bold: Use * before and after the text. E.g., *bold*
  • Italics: Use _ before and after the text. E.g., _italics_
  • Strikethrough: Use ~ before and after the text. E.g., ~strikethrough~
  • Paragraphs: To insert a line break, use the pipe character | This is the second paragraph.

🔐 Auto-login: Save credentials to skip the QR code scan each time.

🔄 Update Checker: Use the “Check for updates” button for the latest features and improvements.


⚙️ Setup Instructions

1. Install VBA Selenium from here.

2. Replace the default chromedriver with the correct version from here.

For a detailed walkthrough, watch the tutorial video below.

🤓 Need A Customization For The Excel WhatsApp Template?

Looking for something extra? I can add special features to your Excel WhatsApp template. Keep in mind, these customizations are paid services. Let’s make your template perfect for you!

  • Add Personal Touches: Want to include names or other unique details in your messages?
  • Message Unsaved Contacts: Need to send messages to numbers not in your contacts? (Use this feature wisely!)

Drop your details below and I’ll get back to you with a plan and a quote. Let’s enhance your messaging!

4 - General Excel Template | Customization Request

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions