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Excel Solutions for Professionals and Small Businesses

I supercharge your spreadsheets with code – automating tasks and creating useful templates, add-ins, and tutorials using Python & VBA.

Sven Bosau

Hi 👋 I’m Sven Bosau

A Data Analyst From Germany

I am passionate about finding ways to use Python and VBA to be more efficient and effective in business settings. Learn more about my Excel journey and solutions on my About page.

Excel Solutions

Simplify Excel And Office Tasks With My Solutions!

Excel Templates

Send SMS From Your Own Number Using Excel

Utilize your own phone number to send bulk SMS. Ideal for small and medium businesses to connect with customers.


Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages From Excel

Automate WhatsApp messaging with this template. Send messages to saved & unsaved contacts directly from Excel.


Send SMS From Excel Using Your Twilio Number

Do you have a Twilio number? With this template you can send SMS directly from Excel using your Twilio Number.


Send SMS From Excel Using Seven.IO

Do you have a account? With this template you can send SMS directly from Excel using your Number.


Export Excel Charts & Ranges to PowerPoint

Free VBA tool that simplifies the process of transferring Excel charts & ranges to PowerPoint presentations.

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