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Excel to PowerPoint Free Excel Template

Export Excel Charts to PowerPoint

Free VBA tool that simplifies the process of transferring Excel charts & ranges to PowerPoint presentations.

Free to Use

Access the full functionality of this template at no cost.


Designed for simplicity, making it easy for anyone to use.


Adjust range names and slide numbers to match your presentation.

Enhance Your Presentation Workflow

Traditional PowerPoint Creation

  • ❌ Manually copy-pasting charts and data
  • ❌ Time-consuming slide formatting
  • ❌ Risk of data inaccuracies
  • ❌ No automation for updates

With This Excel Template

  • Export charts & ranges directly into PowerPoint
  • Save time with automated processes
  • Ensure data accuracy with direct transfers
  • Customize slide layouts effortlessly

Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

Dive into the FAQs for all the nifty details you’re curious about!

Need A Customization For The Excel Template?

While the basic template is free, I also offer tailored paid services to fit your specific needs.

Contact me to discuss your requirements and perfect your Excel to PowerPoint process!

11 - Excel Template | General Customization Request

Simplify Your Excel to PowerPoint Workflow!

Easily export charts and data from Excel to PowerPoint with just a few clicks.