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Unlock Excel Superpowers and Save Time with This Add-In

Finally! All the tools you’ve been wishing Excel had—from AI-powered analysis to one-click Python integration. Transform spreadsheets into insights, automate tedious tasks, and become an office superhero.

  • Pay once, use forever—No subscription
  • Quick and easy 1-minute installation
  • Battle-tested in real-world scenarios

Make productivity your superpower

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When you want to fly through the working day without a worry in the world, you need the right tools at your disposal. With MyToolBelt only ever a click away, you’ll be able to excel in Excel, accelerate your analysis and do it all in less than half the time. You really are starting to sound like a real-life superhero!

By effortlessly integrating Python and Excel, MyToolBelt allows you to turn spreadsheet analysis from the most time-consuming part of your day, into one of the easiest. Now you know how to make productivity your superpower, all you have to do is decide what to do with all your spare time and extra energy. Sounds like the perfect problem to have!


Instant Jupyter Notebooks from Your Spreadsheets

Transform Excel data into Jupyter Notebooks with a single click. No more manual transfers or coding hassles. Select, click, and analyze – it’s that simple. MyToolBelt creates ready-to-use notebooks, complete with your data as a Pandas DataFrame.


Supercharge Your Analysis with ChatGPT Integration

Harness the power of AI directly in your spreadsheets. MyToolBelt’s ChatGPT integration brings intelligent analysis to your fingertips. Ask questions, get explanations, or generate insights from your data – all without leaving Excel.


Make Your Data Pop with Smart Highlights

Elevate your spreadsheets from dull to dazzling in seconds. MyToolBelt’s smart tickmarks and colored highlights draw attention to what matters most. Instantly insert professional tickmarks, add color-coded boxes, and create visual cues that guide the eye.

Transform Your Excel Experience with MyToolBelt

Without the MyToolBelt add-in

  • ❌ Hours lost to repetitive Excel tasks
  • ❌ Limited to basic Excel functions
  • ❌ Struggle to communicate data insights
  • ❌ Slow, manual processes

With the MyToolBelt add-in

  • More time for strategic thinking and analysis
  • Access to AI and Python-powered capabilities
  • Create visually compelling, insightful reports
  • Lightning-fast automation at your fingertips

Pay once. Use forever? Absolutely!

Your purchase of the MyToolBelt Excel Add-in includes all current features with just a one-time payment. No recurring costs, no surprises.

Lite Version $0

Windows PC only. Not for macOS.

No Credit Card Required

✓ Free Future Updates
✓ Insert Table Of Contents Gallery
✓ 3 Tickmarks (Limited functionality)
✓ Run Python Files From Excel
✓ Basic AI Integration (No custom settings)
⨯ Create Pandas Dataframes & Jupyter Notebooks
⨯ Visual Tools (Highlights, Picture Comments)
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Become an Office Superhero 🦸‍♂️
PRO Version $69

Windows PC only. Not for macOS.

One-Time Payment = Lifetime License

✓ Free Future Updates
✓ Insert Table Of Contents Gallery
✓ 11 Tickmarks (Add, Position, Remove)
✓ Run Python Files From Excel
✓ Advanced AI Integration with Custom Settings
✓ Create Pandas Dataframes & Jupyter Notebooks
✓ Visual Tools (Highlights, Picture Comments)
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